Principal's Message

During this beautiful season of Advent, we wait for the Lord.  We remember the first coming of Jesus as a baby in the manger of Bethlehem.  As we anticipate his second coming we ask him to come each day into our hearts through prayer and each week in the Eucharist.  What a miraculous gift!  Come Lord Jesus.
Virtue of the Month: Purity
Definition: Keeping yourself free of sin

If a bag of sugar says "pure sugar" we know we will find nothing but sugar inside. When we speak of pure water, we expect the water to be free from chemicals, dirt and disease. In the same way, God calls us to have pure hearts, hearts that are totally for God and for love, heart that are free from sin and selfishness...Someone who is confident in God's love does not need to do what is wrong in order to seek the approval of others.  Be confident! Never lower your standards, but surround yourself with friends who seek purity, and glorify God in all you say and do."
~Virtue in Practice workbook Gr 6-8 p. 20