Christian Athlete Award Renamed

Chad Cooke attended Saint Dominic Catholic School from 1999-2008.  During his time here, Chad grew in his faith in Jesus and his pursuit of excellence in many aspects of his life.  Chad’s sense of humor and high energy made him well known to all the teachers and staff.   


Chad played basketball from the age of 7 and graduated from Saint Dominic with the determination to play basketball at Bolingbrook High School.  Although Chad was never the biggest, fastest, strongest or tallest player on the court, he ended up starting and playing all four years.  Chad had a passion for the game that could not be overlooked and a dream to play Division 1 College basketball, which was realized when he tried out for the College of Charleston Men’s Basketball team and made it!


Sadly, on December 23, 2014, at the age of 20, Chad unexpectedly collapsed while playing basketball with some friends.   Shortly after Chad passed, countless stories of Chad’s joy for service, intentional lifestyle and love for others began to spread within Charleston and to cities across the United States.  Stories came in from all over and a friend coined the phrase: “CHADEFFECT.” Chad had a contagious personality and became a popular favorite on the team.  His love for God and others was apparent.  Chad loved people and made a difference everywhere he went. 


Our students at St. Dominic School have also been touched by Chad’s story and have been challenged by the Cooke family to live life intentionally in honor of Chad’s memory.  Our hope is that every student-athlete who plays here and every person who passes through this Gym will catch and help us spread the spirit of the CHADEFFECT by living life intentionally for the love of God.


We have chosen to rename our Christian Athlete Award ~ the Chadeffect Award in Chad's honor.

Each year we give this award to one 8th grade boy and on 8th grade girl who:

  •  lives life intentionally in the spirit of Christ on the court/field/track or in school by attitude and example and strives towards excellence in skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Our 2018 Recipients of the Chadeffect Award are Enzo Floresca and Ellie Bickelhaupt.