Manna Program


Manna Program Close Out

Beginning April 15, 2017 

Due to dropping sales over the past several years, St. Dominic School will no longer be administrating the Manna Program 

Sales end: June 10, 2017


Thank you for your support of this program and our school over the years!  

St. Dominic School is very grateful.


·      Last date to place on-line orders à April 15.

·      Saturday Manna sales will continue through         June 10 from 9-11 AM in the Fr. Frank Room.

·      Tuition credits for school families can be earned through June 10.


For questions, email



The Manna Program is a wonderful program that has local and national retailers paying your tuition for you. This tuition can be for St. Dominic School, St. Dominic Religious Ed, St. Francis Religious Ed or local area Catholic high schools. If you don’t have any children going through these programs, you can still participate by having your credits go towards church programs like the choir, Project Gabriel or CCW. If you anticipate your children will be going to St. Dominic School or Religious Education programs at either church in the future, you can even create a family saver account to be used when your children are enrolled.

How does this program work? It is very simple. Businesses sell their gift cards to our Manna Program at a discounted rate. The Manna Program then sells these gift certificates to you at face value. A portion of the discount is given to the Manna Program to cover administrative costs. The other portion of the discount is given to the purchasing family as a tuition credit. Purchasing families can also choose to donate their credit to a participating parish organization. (Please see a list of those organizations below.)

For example, you need $100 in Jewel grocery store certificates. You will write a check (or cash) for $100 and in turn, you will get $100 in gift certificates for Jewel. You will also receive 2% of your purchase (or $2) as a credit to your tuition account. Each retailer offers a different amount of discount, and these discounts are subject to change at any given time. Through the course of a year, these discounts can add up to hundreds of dollars in tuition credits for your family! Simply purchase gift cards/certificates from the Manna Program for the things you purchase anyway. Take the following order as an example:

            Face Value of certificates              Vendor                        Credit

$300                           Jewel                          $6.00

           $50                             Speedway                   $1.50

           $25                             Home Run Inn         $2.00

           $20                             Culver’s                      $0.60


You would write a check to St. Dominic Manna for $395, and you would receive the above cards/certificates. You would then also receive a tuition credit of $10.10. If you make this purchase, or a similar purchase, twice a month, you would receive over $20 in tuition credits per month. That’s almost $250 in tuition paid for you this school year!

This is a simple, smart and easy way to help offset the cost of a fantastic, Catholic education without spending any additional money.  You can also have your friends and family buy certificates using your manna account number. Or, let your friends, family, employer or coworkers know about the Program and take their orders. Make purchases for them and watch your tuition credits skyrocket! 

It’s easy to get involved in this program. If you are a school or Religious ED family, fill out a registration form to be assigned a Manna Account Number.  If you already have an account number, your account number will remain as is but it will be helpful to fill out a new registration form so all your information is current. If you plan on giving your credits to an organization, here are the various account numbers to use:

SD5703   St. Dominic Church                                 SF7588  St. Francis Church

PG0009   Project Gabriel                                         SU6240  St. Dominic Choir

SD2102 St. Dominic Religious Ed                          SF7611 St. Francis Religious Ed

WL2000  St. Dominic School                                  CC0000  CCW

AA2015  Athletic Association                                  PA9876 Home & School Association


Ordering and Picking up Manna is easy! This will be handled in a few different ways, depending on your needs. If you are a school family, you can send your order form and payment to school with your child. All orders need to be at the school by noon on Thursday to ensure delivery the following week. Your Manna certificates will be:  1) sent home with your child via Kidmail on Wednesday of the following week; OR 2) available for pickup at the school office after 12pm on Wednesday of the following week. Please note that if you request your certificates be sent home with your child, you MUST fill out and sign a new registration form at the beginning of each school year.

If you are a St. Dominic or St. Francis Religious Education family, you can send your order form and payment to your Religious Ed office by 7:00 pm on Monday to guarantee delivery for the following week.

Manna certificates are also available for purchase every Saturday from 9:00 – 11:00 am in the Fr. Frank Room. Although it is rare, occasionally certificates may be on back-order. Every effort will be made to fill your order as soon as possible.

Do you want to set up a standing order each week or each month?  A standing order is an order that remains the same each week or month and you don’t have to do aything but pay for it in advance and pick it up. Of course, you can add to or change your order at any time.  You might want to do a standing order for grocery or gas gift certificates-things you know you  use on a regular basis. 

You can also order Manna online and link either a checking account or savings account. Unfortunately, the program does not accept credit cards. Please see the OnlineOrdering.doc for step by step instructions on setting up your online account. Once you are set up, you can go online and order whenever is convenient for you. Please place your order by Saturday at noon to receive your certificates the following week for School or Religious Ed Families.

Please recognize that this is a transition year for The Manna Program due to new coordinators in charge of the program. Of course, we welcome any suggestions/comments you may have. Please feel free to contact Maria and Joe Sindelar

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