Our Faculty & Staff

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Father Franklin Duran

Sister Marie Isaac, OP

Vice Principal & P.E. Teacher, Extended Day Coordinator
Ms. Nancy Chika

Front Office Secretary
Mrs. Liza Dirl

Marketing Director and Administrative Assistant -                  
Mrs. Jennifer Shroba

Finance Manager -
Mrs. Heather Pastore

Pre-Kindergarten -
Mrs. Tara McFadyen - Extended Day Accountant
Mrs. Christina Sondej

Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Anna Grimaldo-Orozco
Ms. Ruby Negrette

Kindergarten - Mrs. Cheryl Hejny
Kindergarten Aide
Ms. Barbara Cobb

Grade 1 - Mrs. Megan Grove

Grade 2 - Sister Anne Therese, O.P.
Grade 2 Aide -

Grade 3 - Mrs. Elizabeth Palermo

Grade 4 - Mrs. Linda Conway
Grade 4 Aide - Mrs. Rebecca Flemming  
Grade 5 - Mrs. Jordan Schumacher

Grade 6 - Mrs. Kellean Schriedel (Junior High Math & Science)

Grade 7 - Mrs. Lori Moriarty (Junior High Math & English/Grammar & Writing)
Grade 8 - Sister Felicia Marie, O.P. (Junior High Religion & Literature)

Junior High Social Studies - Mrs. Shannon Grevas

Computer/Tech./Art - Mrs. Cathy Gilbert
Music - Ms. Sarah Sipll

Library - Mrs. Sue Meifert

Resource Coordinator -
Mrs. Lisa Wheaton

Lunch Coordinators - Mrs. Denise Perkins and Mr. Vince Matulis
Facilities Manager - Mr. Glen Mirocha

Custodian - Mr. Salvador Haro